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Marlee and Noah - Truly Organic Skincare for Mom and Baby

I have to say that I am always skeptical when it comes to anything for your skin.  I am very nervous about chemicals and additives that either absorb into your skin and add toxins to your body OR which are counter intuitive and defeat the entire purpose of purchasing that product (money wasters).   Even when you find a product that is organic and good for your skin, the smell can be rather frightening too.

I came across Marlee and Noah at ABC Kids expo and simply LOVE it!  The product line is created by Marlee, a mother of one who had concerns about skincare products, especially since her son’s skin was so sensitive.  It does not have any chemicals and is most definitely paraben-free. She developed a skincare line of her own called Marlee and Noah, and may I say that she did SUCH an excellent job! Here are simply a few of her many wonderful items:


Body Lotion/Butter:

The body lotion feels like silk on my skin.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE it, and my skin thanks me everyday that I use it.  Especially through these colder months, I find that I only have to apply the lotion on in the morning.  The natural ingredients in the product make me feel better, as I know I’m not absorbing those toxic chemicals into my body!!! And lets not forget to mention how GOOD it smells!!  It feels like I’m putting on lotion that makes me smell like fruity pebbles (I love that smell by the way).   I will pump some of the lotion on my hands just to smell the essence of it.   This smell would be SO perfect as an essence oil that you can burn to permeate the room.

Foot Creme for Mom:

I keep this lotion on my nightstand and put this on every night before I go to bed.  It makes my feet so soft, and help to keep my feet soft through the wear and tear of heels and bare feet.   Putting socks on after the application of the cream is optional as the creme sinks in your skin pretty quickly and easily.  The peppermint in this lotion is mild, to where it doesn’t sting and hurt like some peppermint lotions do, nor is it too mild that I don’t feel the effects of the peppermint in it. This foot lotion also smells really good!!  Again, this makes me feel better I am putting natural products on my skin. This is especially wonderful for expectant mommies to help relax and soothe tired feet.

Organic Washies:

These Organic Washies are are the perfect mix for cleansing and light exfoliation on the face.  Simply put your face-wash on them with lukewarm water and use them as a mild exfoliate.  My face feels smooth after I’ve used them.  The washies dry rather quickly and are very easy to clean. They come in a stack of five, so there is always a fresh one for you to use while the other(s) dry.

Marlee’s other products include Bath Salts, and lotions/washes for babies. This is something I will be using on the skin of my children as they are sensitive enough for delicate skin, and smell so good!

CupcakeMAG for Littles - April 2011

Marlee & Noah is one of the lines we wish we would have had years ago - the ones you immediately fall in love with and never want to run out of stock. Yep, that is Marlee & Noah

Meet Marlee & Noah - a mom who set out to create a line of all natural and organic products for not just herself but her Little Noah too! Ever since Marlee sent us a sampling of goodies from her live we have been in love with Marlee & Noah. Our faves? We can't get enough of all of the products for Littles -- we especially love the Washies for Baby. As for their amazing products for YOU - we are absolutely obsessed with the Foot Creme but really, we love the whole line! 

Read on to get to know Marlee and how she made her dream come true! Enter the FABulous giveaway too!  
{1} Tell us a little about yourself and your FABulous line of goodies!

I would love to!  I live in sunny Florida, and am a work-from-home mother to the most amazing little man!  Noah just turned 2, and having him pretty much changed everything about my life!  Before I had Noah I never really put too much thought into organic products, toxins, or chemicals...all of the things that I am now obsessed with!  As for my FABulous line of goodies...Marlee & Noah is a line of 100% natural and organic products for babies, children, and mothers, and women.  With all the things that parents have to worry about these days, something as simple as having products for yourself and your children that you know you can trust is so important.  I'm really proud of our line and am so excited for your readers to learn more about it and hopefully give it a try!
{2} At one point did you know you wanted to make Marlee & Noah come to life and share it with the world?

When Noah was born I so overwhelmed by all of the products that were available, even for something as seemingly simple as a bath. I chose a product that was readily available and had been around for years, I figured that millions of Mom's had used it, so it must be fantastic.  Within minutes of Noah's first bath he broke out in welts and rashes.  After that, I started researching everything that I put in, and on his body.  There were a ton of "natural" products on the shelves, but they didn't seem to work any better on his  sensitive skin.  That's when I went to "Absolutely Natural", I had used their products in the past and loved them and I knew that they held themselves to the highest of standards and quality.  They did some testing and found out that so many of those "natural" products were loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins.  We thought that babies and moms deserved a better line of products, so together we created "Marlee & Noah".
{3} What is your favorite product? And, what is your best seller?

It's so hard for me to choose!!  I love all of our products, but I am so proud of our baby line. All of our products are loaded with high-end organic ingredients that clean and nourish but are still gentle enough for a newborn's skin.  Mom's have had great success using it on babies with extremely sensitive skin, eczema, and allergies.  Not to mention how phenomenal they smell! I have had people tell me that their daycare called to ask what products they use because their babies smell so good! Our best seller has been the body lotion, it's moisturizing but not greasy at all, and the smell is so yummy!  The Washies have been a huge hit too!  Our best seller for moms has been the body butter, it's such a lifesaver for dry skin!

{4} Why did you decide to go all natural and organic? We love that you are eco-friendly!

It is super important to us that if we use the words "natural" or "organic" we can stand by that.  There are so many products on the market and I think that manufacturers take advantage of people, especially parents, and throw those words around in order to gain peoples trust. 97% natural is not natural, 1 organic ingredient does not make a product organic.  Our line doesn't sacrifice luxury or quality in order to be eco-friendly.  Our products are 100% natural and organic, and still smell amazing and work better than anything out there.

{5} What is up next for Marlee & Noah?

Just getting the word out about our products is a huge part of our plan!  It's confusing to stand in an aisle and try to pick the product that you think is best for yourself or your child.  If we can make that choice a little easier then we have done our job.  In the next few years I hope that we continue to grow and add more products to our line. Feedback from our customers is a huge guiding force for us, so if anyone has any comments or suggestions we would love to hear them!



Celebrity Baby Scoop - October 2010

Have you been searching for an all-natural, organic, and incredible smelling line of bath products for your baby or yourself? Search no further!

If you have tried organic products before, you know that they can have an unpleasant scent. Not these products! Marlee & Noah products for baby are lightly scented with vanilla pineapple. Products for mom are naturally scented with vanilla and lavender, chosen to calm both you and your baby. Just because a product is organic doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice luxury. Marlee & Noah products are loaded with high-end organic ingredients and perform like expensive spa products.

Marlee & Noah products contain no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. All products are paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free and never tested on animals. Every ingredient is specifically chosen to nurture and protect, with no unnecessary or excessive components. Whether using on normal skin, sensitive skin, eczema, or extremely dry skin, Marlee & Noah will improve skin’s texture and condition in just a few uses.

For Baby: Shampoo, Body Wash, and Lotion
For Mom: Body Lotion, Mineral Bath Salts, Foot Crème, and Body Butter
Gift Items: Handmade Washies, Gift Baskets, and Custom Made Gifts.

Both you and your little one deserve some pampering…
Visit and learn more about our products.

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