Marlee & Noah

Dear Marlee & Noah:

My family recently celebrated my parents golden anniversary on a Hawaiian cruise.  I was delighted to find your lavender vanilla scented body butter at the Absolutely Natural store on Kauai.

Wow what a nice fragrance and superb product that really works to condition my skin.  Though I still hope to be a mother someday I take care of a sweet two year old yellow lab named Tiara.  Any woman should be pampered with a beauty treatment and Marlee & Noah Lavender & Vanilla treats you like royalty.

I also found that the gold bond I had been using for my tired feet did not work well enough.  I tried your body butter on my feet which made them soft and moisturized.  I was delighted to receive my recent order from you so promptly with the foot crème and lotion and look forward to having the entire product line to take care of me.

Thank you for blessing many with your wonderful products.

 Lorraine D.

 Marlee & Noah 

Thank you for making such a great product! Not only does your shampoo and lotion smell terrific, its the only lotion that does not cause irritation to my boys skin.
I love your products and will continue to use them! Thank you!

Jennifer R.

Marlee & Noah,

Yet another wonderful reason to buy Marlee and Noah!!  Today, like a silly girl, I spent 3 hours in the California sun and forgot to wear sunscreen. Needless to say, I look like a lobster now.

 No worries though... I just put on a few pumps of my Marlee and Noah Lotion and now it feels 100% better! It felt great going on and it was so soothing to my burnt skin. Yay! Must be the aloe and the other pleasant natural ingredients! Thanks Marlee and Noah for saving me from terrible pain! 

Johanna C.

Dear Marlee & Noah,

I've been a dedicated and loyal representative for a large, well known  cosmetics/lotions/etc. company for over 30 years and used their products exclusively. After using Marlee and Noah products I will never go back to their skin softeners and lotions. Nothing they offer has the quality, smell, and effectiveness of Marlee and Noah. Thank you for a little bit of heaven. 

Francy H.

Being a first time mom I didn't know exactly how to deal with my son's sensitive skin. I was alarmed to discover that I couldn't pronounce any of the ingredients on the skincare brands that I was using. I began researching natural organic brands when I stumbled upon Marlee and Noah. I was ecstatic when after only 2 uses my baby's skin was 80% clear of the red bumps and dry patches! Plus, the delicious smell was an added bonus! I highly recommend Marlee and Noah and encourage all moms to ditch the chemicals and try Marlee and Noah today. Your babies skin will thank you for it!

Harmony B.

I have very sensitive skin. When I heard about Marlee & Noah products being completely natural, I thought I would give them a try. I decided to try the baby line of products because of the vanilla/pineapple scent and if it's safe for baby, then it should be safe for me, right? Well, the products are wonderful and smell delicious. The body wash and lotion is so gentle, I can even use them on my face. Also, the lotion is the only lotion I've ever been able to put on my skin after shaving. No burning and no bumps! I love it!

Johanna D.

Hi Marlee,
You gave me some of your products to try for myself, as well as for my niece with eczema.  Products for me:
Body Lotion/Butter:  The body lotion feels like silk on my skin.  I
absolutely LOVE LOVE it, and my skin thanks me everyday that I use it.  Especially through these colder months, I find that I only have to apply the lotion on in the morning.  The natural ingredients in the product make me feel better, as I know I'm not absorbing those toxic chemicals into my body!!! And lets not forget to mention how GOOD it smells!!
Foot Lotion:  I keep this lotion on my nightstand and put this on every
night before I go to bed.  It makes my feet so soft, and help to keep my feet soft.   Sometimes I put on socks afterwards, and other times I don't. The peppermint in this lotion is mild, to where it doesn't sting and hurt like some peppermint lotions do, nor is it too mild that I don't feel the effects of the peppermint in it. This foot lotion also smells really good!!  Again, this makes me feel better I am putting natural products on my skin.
Washies:  These facepads are amazing!  I love putting my face wash into them and using them as a mild exfoliate!  My face feels smooth after I've used them.  They dry rather quickly and are very easy to clean.
Products for my niece:
Can I just say that these natural products have helped to clear away some of the eczema on her skin.  My sister-in-law (and me) already saw a difference within a matter of 4/5 days to her skin.   The only thing left are her thumb areas where she continues to pick at the scabs....but these lotions are so gentle that they don't aggravate her condition.
All in all, your combination of essential fragrances is simply amazing. I don't wear perfume at all (partly because of the alcohol in it) but mostly because I have yet to find a scent I love.  I LOVE all the scents of everything you have given me to try!!
I wish you all the best for your products
as they are simply amazing!!
Take care,
Saarah S.

I just wanted to tell you - that I put the lotion on my niece's foot today and it did such wonders within the first application!  Not an hour later and it helped so much! I am sold!! Your product is awesome!!  I just am so excited and want no more babies to have to suffer with eczema.

Lisa C.

Marlee & Noah products have now become a staple of our everyday life! My children love the smell and I love the fact that it is natural and gentle on their sensitive skin. The bath gel is thick and long lasting so a small amount goes a long way. The Mommy foot cream is to die for! When I use it my feet feel wonderfully soft and not greasy like most foot creams and it smells yummy! I definitely recommend Marlee & Noah products for everyone, especially sensitive skin babies and Mommies!
Helen M.

Dear Marlee and Noah,
My wife purchased your products and when I complained of dry painfull hands from some concrete work I was doing, she handed me one of your products to use on my hands. I must say, I don't normally use ladies products, but your products are great. My hands stopped hurting almost immediately.
Thank you for a great product,
Ed H.

I recently gave my nephew a bath using the Marlee & Noah Baby Products. Afterwards, I couldn't stop kissing him because his skin was so soft and he smelled yummy! Marlee & Noah Baby Products will be my go-to gift for all new moms!
Erin B.

Every year, my hands start to crack as soon as the weather turns colder. This Fall I tried Marlee & Noah Body Lotion for Moms-I couldn't believe it! I have tried every product out there and finally found one that not only relieves my dry, cracked skin without being greasy, but it also smells incredible! Thank you Marlee & Noah.
Elizabeth H.

Thank you Marlee and Noah for such a great product! I purchased both the Mom's body lotion and baby's body lotion. I use both on my skin because they smell wonderful. My skin stays so soft all day!
Judy D.

I have had 2 of the ladies from the daycare ask me what shampoo I use on the boys, they say how great they smell. I of course told them about your site.  I love this stuff! My kids smell great!
Cara G.

My mom has been using Absolutely Natural for years, and that's how she heard of Marlee & Noah. She bought my new baby and I some of the Marlee and Noah products and we are in LOVE!! She also bought us a pack of the wonderful to use! Thanks for creating such a great smelling natural product! We are also having a great time telling everyone about your product! :)
Courtney M.

I absolutely love the bath salts. These products are amazing and to find a 100% organic product for you or your child is next to impossible. They are lightly scented so the smell is not too strong and leaves you skin soft. Great variety for both mommy and baby and take it from a mom of two "It is worth every cent."
Mellie H.